1. Why did your name change? We simply wanted a new look & feel for our brand. We are still under the same ownership, nothing else has changed!

2. What is a Paint class like? You know when you go to a museum, and it’s really quiet and stuffy and everyone whispers??? Not like that.  We design our classes to be a relaxing atmosphere that inspires creative and social energy.  Everyone paints together, but we encourage you to add your personal style. A break or two during the session allows the paint to dry and a chance for you to stretch your legs and check out the other masterpieces-in-progress.  If you feel the urge to sing or dance to the tunes that we play while you paint – go for it.  Any creativity is welcome here!
2. I can only draw stick figures and I haven’t painted since I was in grade school…  Can I do this? Absolutely, YES!  Our Partista’s step-by-step instructions ensure that anyone – regardless of experience or talent – will not only finish their masterpiece, but will go home with a painting that, at the very least, resembles the featured example.  Most likely, though, you will be surprised at how good you really are!  We can’t promise that you’ll create fine art, but we’re certain you’ll create FUN art.
3. How long does it take? Each session is approximately 2 to 3 hours (including breaks), depending on the complexity of the painting and the flow of the class. Don't sweat it, this is your me time!
4. Do I need to make a reservation? For our Restaurant venues, YES because we have limited seating. Cancellation policy is 24 hours prior to the start time. We will always have a class if reservations are made, but we reserve the right to cancel a class if nobody has signed up prior to class.  Walk-in painters are always welcome as long as seats are available and the class has not been cancelled. For in-home parties, your hostess will definitely appreciate an RSVP.

5. How do I make a reservation for a class held at a Restaurant? It’s easy…Simply click on the Calendar tab, find the event you are interested in, click Sign Up Now button and follow the prompts.  If you prefer, you can also call or text 314-707-3068.  There may be a deposit required, or prepay for the event. We do ask for a 24 hour notice on cancellations so we can accomodate waitlists efficiently.
6. How much does it cost? Prices vary. Restaurant venues are the price as published. Fundraisers are typically $35 - $45 (including tax) per person. In-home parties depend on how many guests come to the party and paint. If you have questions, just give us a call.
7. What is included in the price? Everything that you need to create the featured painting:  a 16”x 20” canvas, easel, acrylic paints, brushes and aprons. Your station will already be set up when you arrive, and we take care of cleaning up when class is finished. Visit our Private Parties page for additional information or give us a call with questions. 
8. When should I arrive for class? To ensure that the session starts on time, we recommend you check-in at least 15 minutes before the scheduled class time to allow you to get settled in at your station and grab a drink.  
9. What is the cancellation/refund policy? If you are holding a reservation that you need to cancel or reschedule, we ask that you do so 48 hours in advance of your reserved private party, either by phone (314-707-3068) or by email (tcanvas@yahoo.com) or text 314-707-3068. For public events, we ask for 24 hours notice to allow another painter to fill your spot should we have a waitlist. Each event will have cancellation information included. Some public classes require a non-refundable deposit, others require prepayment with a 24 hour cancel policy. 
10. What do I bring? Your fun-loving self…a friend, maybe 2, maybe 20. That’s all you need.  We provide all the materials, instruction, set-up and clean-up. 
11. What do I wear? Something comfortable and paint-friendly.  Aprons are provided, but we can’t guarantee that you or your belongings will stay paint-free.  
12. Do you allow alcohol? For our classes held in Restaurants that serve alcohol, painters must be 21+ to attend. For our coffee shop venues, you must be 16+ to attend. For in-home parties, the age of the party-goer and the decision to serve alcohol is up to the host or hostess. The Tattooed Canvas does not assume any liability for alcohol consumption.
13. Can I bring in my own food and drink (BYOB)? For our classes held in Restaurants, check with us first - typically a 1 beverage minimum is enforced. For in-home parties, the decisions around food and drink are strictly up to the host or hostess.
14. Can my kids come, too? For our classes held in Restaurants that serve alcohol, painters must be 21+ to attend. For our coffee shop venues, you must be 16+ to attend. For in-home parties, the age of the party-goer and the decision to allow kids to paint is up to the host or hostess. We know ladies like to have "girl time" which includes "girl time" conversation topics. Even though your child may be accustomed to controversial topics, we ask you take into consideration the comfort of all guests. If you allow children, we recommend kid-painters be age 9+ for the best results and for the easiest clean-up. :-)
15. Can I book a private party or fundraiser? Absolutely!  We offer mobile service for private parties at a home or business and can assist in finding a restaurant venue if you prefer. For more information about Private Parties click here and for more information about Fundraisers click here.

17.  Do you offer discounts? At this time, we have very competitive pricing and do not offer any additional discount on private parties using our mobile service. We challenge you to find better pricing!

18.  Do you require a deposit and/or pre-payment for class? For private parties, we do not require any money up front, but we do ask for the courtesy of 48 hours notice if you need to cancel a private party. For public events, the deposit or prepayment instructions are listed on the event. Please understand we invest a lot of time in packing and preparing our supplies as well as schedule our staff according to class size.